How to trade online in India

An online shop in India has been hacked and over 1,000 customers are out of their jobs as a result, the company said on Monday.

The online shop, which sells online accessories, was hacked and has been temporarily shut down, said the company, which operates the site Shopify.

The company said in a statement on its website that the incident occurred over the weekend, and the customers are all in safe hands.

The hackers took down the website, but they have not been able to regain access to it, the statement said.

The customers have been asked to return the items they received and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities, the firm said.

Earlier in the day, the National Cybersecurity Centre of India said that an investigation has been launched into a cyber attack that took place at the company’s website.

The cyber attack, which began around 8am on Sunday, targeted the company from its headquarters in Bengaluru, the centre said.

Shopify, which has a network of more than 3,000 shops in India, said that it is in the process of contacting affected customers to offer them support.