How will the UK vote on Brexit?

The UK is to hold a vote on leaving the EU in just over two weeks.

This means the country will be leaving the single market and customs union for the first time since the UK joined it in 1973.

Here is a guide to what’s at stake in the vote.

What happens on Thursday?

The European Parliament has a decision on the Brexit vote.

It is expected to give its backing to the UK’s exit by a vote of 98 to 7, with one abstention.

The decision on whether to accept the UK in the bloc will be taken after a second vote on Monday.

If the two-week timetable is followed, the vote will take place on June 23.

What will happen next?

It is likely to be a long and drawn out process, as the UK will have to negotiate a trade deal with the EU before any new trade deal is agreed.

It would be the biggest trade dispute in recent years, as countries from the US to China are likely to try to block it.

This will be a huge economic headache for the UK, as it could have a huge impact on exports to the EU, which account for about £3.2bn ($4.3bn) a year.

It will also have a devastating effect on the British economy, as there will be billions of pounds lost to other countries in lost jobs.

What is the European Union?

The EU is the EU’s executive arm.

It has an executive committee that is made up of heads of state, the heads of government, heads of civil society, and ministers.

The EU also has a governing council, which includes representatives of member states, such as the EU budget commissioner, who is elected by the European Parliament.

It also has 27 institutions: academic research councils, trade unions, consumer associations, scientific research bodies, universities, trade bodies and other non-governmental organisations.

The Council of Ministers is the main decision-making body.

This is a body that sets the EU agenda, but is not directly accountable to member states.

There are also the European Commission, which has more powers than the Council of the EU.

The UK will leave the EU on 23 June 2019, with Britain’s withdrawal date set for March 2021.

What are the EU27 negotiating the terms of?

Britain’s negotiating team will be led by Michel Barnier, the EU chief negotiator.

He is also the EU commissioner for economic and financial affairs.

He will be responsible for the overall negotiations on the UK exit from the EU and will oversee the negotiations between the UK and the EU governments.

It comes as the US and China have already said they will not negotiate on the terms on which Britain leaves the EU or on how the UK should continue to pay into the EU budgets.