How to be the first in your family to go to the Oscars

By now you have heard that The Last Jedi was nominated for best picture and will soon be heading to the big screen.

But what about the rest of the world?

The Oscar nominations were announced on Sunday and there are a lot of questions.

Is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences still open for business?

What about the best picture nominees?

What will happen to the best foreign language film nominees?

And who is making the big awards announcements?

In fact, if you’re an international movie fan, there are quite a few questions that need answering.

So what are the nominees and how do they compare to each other?

The answers are all below.1.

The Oscars are a joke.

The Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine has not even announced which films will be nominated.

No one cares.

The nominations are not based on the quality of the films, but on their popularity.

This is why the nominees are all very predictable.

The Academy of Sciences of the United States and the Academy for Motion Picture and Television Arts and Science of the Philippines were announced as nominees in 2017.

But in 2018, the Academy also announced that it will be nominating The Jungle Book for best animated feature, and The Revenant for best foreign-language film.

The last time the Oscars were announced was in 2013, so the difference in time is not significant.

The only real difference between the two films is the language used.

The Jungle book was in French, while The Revenger was in English.

In 2018, we will get a chance to see which language is used.

The last time we saw the nominations for the best animated features, The Jungle was the clear winner.

The ReVENGER was nominated in a different category, the Foreign Language category, but the nominees were not announced.

So far, the only difference is that The Revenge was nominated as the best documentary.2.

The best foreign films are not really foreign films at all.

The Foreign Language film category is very limited in its nominations, so if the Academy nominates a foreign film, we are likely to have to wait for the Academy to make the announcement.

The big question mark is how this year’s Best Foreign Language Film nominees will compare to the previous years.3.

There are only 12 nominations for Best Foreign Film.

This means there will be less of them to choose from.

The nominees will be limited to films from the last five years, so it will not be a huge difference in terms of quality.

But if the movies nominated for the Best Foreign language film category are not good films, there will probably be more of them that are better than what was nominated last year.4.

The Best Foreign films are more diverse than the Best foreign films.

This year’s awards show is being held in Los Angeles and it is unlikely that a majority of the nominees will have made the film they nominated last time.

In 2016, the Best Film category had 16 nominees and the best film in that category was Moonlight, which received six nominations.

It is expected that The Junglebook will get four nominations this year, which will not make the total number of nominees much different.5.

There is no clear winner in Best Foreign film category.

The foreign films category was not as big in the past, but this year the Oscars may be limited in how many nominees they can choose from, which could mean there will not really be any clear winner when it comes to the Best.

The winners for Best Film and Best Foreign Films are not even sure how many films they are going to get.

The first award is being given to The ReVanger, which is the winner of the Best Independent Feature category.

So it looks like they will not have to choose a single film to make that award.

The second award is going to be given to the film of the year, The ReVenger, which has three nominations in this category.

It should be the best of the three nominees.

The third award is to be awarded to the documentary, Moonlight, because it received four nominations.

The fourth award is for the award of Best Foreign Documentary.

So if we have to make predictions, we can guess that The Return of the Jedi will win the Best Picture and the Foreign Documentaries will go to The Jungle and The Jungle will win Best Foreign.

The award of best foreign film for 2018 is also still undecided.

The winners will be announced on December 12.

We will continue to follow this story as the nominations are announced.

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