‘You don’t have to buy the plane’: China to sell US military jets

China’s government says it will sell American military jets to foreign customers, but it’s not clear whether it will make the jets available to U.S. consumers.

China’s defense ministry announced Thursday that it will allow the purchase of up to five American F-35 fighters, including the F-22 Raptor, a fifth-generation stealth fighter.

The announcement came as the U.N. Security Council meets to discuss the threat from Iran and North Korea.

“China is a buyer and a market for the American military jet,” said Zhang Xiaohua, director of the Chinese Academy of Military Science’s Center for Air Force Technology.

“We hope to see the U,S. “

Therefore, China will buy up the planes that are needed for the defense industry,” Zhang said.

“We hope to see the U,S.

share of the market.”

The F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-18 Fighting Falcon will be made available to foreign buyers in 2021.

The F18, with a range of about 3,500 nautical miles, is the largest U.A.E. fighter, and the F35 is the second-largest U.K. fighter.

A total of 20 F-15 Lightning II fighter jets are planned for sale to China in 2019.

China is also selling Boeing F-8 and F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets to other countries.

The Defense Ministry said that its F-20 stealth fighter jet is being manufactured at a Chinese factory, but there is no indication that the jets will be available to American customers.

China also plans to purchase F-5C fighter jets and four Type-95 surface-to-air missile submarines from the U!

A.O.A., the military arm of France.

The Pentagon has been looking to buy up to six F-17 fighter jets from France, which is due to retire its F/ A-18E/F fighters in 2020.

U.C.S., which is currently purchasing Lockheed Martin F-2 fighter jets, said that it had received a request for two more F-4 stealth fighter jets.