How India’s Internal Trade With the US Is Exacerbating the India-US Border Crisis

As a result, the trade deficit with the US is higher than the trade gap with India.

It is also higher than any other country.

The current gap is also bigger than the gap between the US and Canada.

This is because India has a massive trade deficit, which is nearly $100 billion a year, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

As a consequence, there are more US goods and services entering India than there are Indian goods entering the US.

India’s exports to the US are $21 billion annually, while its imports are $3.5 billion.

India imports from the US more than $3 trillion annually.

The trade deficit is more than the $1.5 trillion gap between India and China.

It means India imports more from China than it exports to China.

The Indian government has a policy of “open borders,” which means it welcomes Chinese imports, says the government.

The policy is intended to boost exports to India.

However, that policy has led to a dramatic deterioration in the trade relationship.

India imports almost half of the Chinese goods it imports from China.

India is not only importing a large share of Chinese goods but also of American goods.

India’s imports of Chinese manufactured goods account for about 30 percent of its total imports.

The vast majority of those Chinese manufactured products are exported to China, which has a huge market for Indian goods.