Thai police detain over 800 migrants in detention for over seven months

A Thai police sergeant and his colleagues have been detained for seven months for smuggling more than 800 migrants out of Thailand into the country.

Key points:Thailand is now a top source of migrants crossing the border into Thailand, according to the UNMore than 6,500 migrants have been rescued and are now living in the campA Thai court has ordered a retrial of the man and his colleague arrested in February, but the retrial is ongoingThe trial was called into question after a number of detainees in the detention centre were freed on bail.

The two men were originally arrested in May last year for smuggling migrants into Thailand.

Thailand has since become a top destination for migrant arrivals, with the UN estimating more than 6.5 million migrants crossed the border to the neighbouring country last year.

It’s estimated that between 800 and 1,000 people have died in the sea crossing.

Police arrested the two men and detained them in a Bangkok detention centre in February after they were arrested.

The court ordered a re-trial of the two and a decision on the bail of the other detainee was expected to be made on Tuesday.

Thai media reported that the man had previously been released from jail on bail in February.

Police said the detention was not related to any criminal case.

Thayuan Police said the two detained men were arrested on March 11 for smuggling over 1,500 people into Thailand from Thailand’s western border.

Police are now working to locate and bring back the other detained man and to try to identify the whereabouts of the remaining detainees.

Police have not yet released the names of the detained men or provided details on how many people have been arrested, or the amount of money they are being held on bail for.

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