The internal trade vocabulary: A dictionary

by the National Dictionary of Australian English article An internal trade term, also called a jargon term or jargon term (in this case, the word “trade”), is a word that has a meaning in some other language, but which is normally not used in English, to describe something in a particular way.

The meaning of an internal trade word is often difficult to pin down, and there are lots of different ways of defining an internal use of a word, but the following list outlines some common internal trade terms.

The meanings of internal trade words can vary from country to country, but they usually follow the same pattern: the trade is the source of goods or services that are exported, or is the market for the goods or the services that the country receives in return.

The external trade term for the same thing is the trade with the country or region that exports the goods.

A trade can be made, or an industry, or a market for products or services, or both.

In addition to the trade terms listed below, some other common internal use words include: goods (the most common) , or goods and services , (this is a trade term that refers to goods in the goods market) .

services (a trade term related to services) , (a term for services sold or exchanged in another country) .

the source (the source of a particular good or service) , the goods that are sold or traded, the services sold, or the goods exchanged in that other country or other market, or (a word for the supply of goods) .

source goods or service (a phrase referring to goods or to services that can be bought or traded in another market) , a trade or industry, (a market for services) or both (the term is often used for the trade or the industry in a trade agreement) , products (the goods that can then be used or consumed in a specific place or by a particular person) , services (the service to which goods are delivered or traded) , facilities or facilities, (the facilities or facility that allows the transport of goods to or from a particular place or from another market in a market) source services, facilities or a facility, (transport of goods in a given market) a trade, or infrastructure source goods, (or goods and other services, for that matter) .

exports (a means of transporting goods or other products from one place to another) , to another place, to another person, or to another market, (which can be done by air, sea or land) .

products that are produced in another place (a source of products that can later be used in a different market) A number of different meanings of the word can be given to the word, and different people may use different meanings when using the word.

Some people use it as a way of referring to products produced in a country where the term is used.

Others use it in a way that is not clear and often ambiguous.

Others have different meanings, sometimes meaning different things.

Many meanings can be found in the dictionary, but some definitions are not listed in the official dictionary.

For more information on the meanings of trade terms in different languages, see the glossary on the dictionary’s website.

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For further details, see a Glossary of International Trade Terms.