When will I get the full package from Dubai International Trade ?

Dubai International trade chief Ahmed Al-Omar on Wednesday said that once all the final approvals have been issued for all the projects in the UAE, then the government would announce a package of incentives that would give an incentive to all domestic companies to enter the sector.

He also said that Dubai International would be looking to attract foreign investment in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, Al-Osmar said that the UAE has invested heavily in the construction sector and will continue to do so as the country faces an increasingly difficult situation.

He added that Dubai will continue making progress in the sector and the number of jobs will increase.

“Dubai is on a path to becoming the next India-Pakistan city, as we continue to attract investments and new investments in the region.

As for domestic companies, the number and size of jobs that will be created are increasing and we are looking to export them to other countries,” Al-Majed said.