EU rejects demand to suspend Russian imports

Russian officials have accused European Union officials of failing to enforce a WTO ban on imports of certain goods from Russia in retaliation for the seizure of an arms factory.EU Trade Commissioner Ola Kocher said on Thursday that EU members should take steps to freeze imports of goods produced by Russia and to impose a ban on exports.EU trade commissioner Ola Tkacik said on Twitter that it was time to act to stop the arms industry from being used to threaten EU economies and to punish those who have benefited from it.

The move comes after EU President Donald Tusk on Thursday threatened to pull the bloc out of the World Trade Organization if Russia fails to abide by its ban on sales of its arms and defence industry.

Tusk told a meeting of European parliament leaders in Strasbourg that Russia was violating the WTO’s anti-dumping and countervailing duty provisions on some of its products.

“We need to be able to stop this, not only to prevent it but also to put an end to it, he said.

Russia has been accused of building and operating a “ghost factory” for its missile and cruise missile programs in violation of a WTO trade deal, the European Union said last month.

The EU said the arms deal was signed in 2006 and was signed as a condition for a free-trade agreement with Russia.

It was approved by the EU in 2013, after Moscow refused to accept its own arms embargo.

The U.S. said on Friday that the U.N. arms embargo is still in force.

This is a dangerous step that we should not take,” he said at a press conference.”

The EU is seeking to implement a sanctions regime on Russia and the West,” Putin said.

“This is a dangerous step that we should not take,” he said at a press conference.

Russia said it was ready to make “a good deal” with the EU, adding that EU countries should give the country a “fair deal” in return for cooperation on the fight against terrorism.EU foreign policy chief Johannes Hahn also said on Wednesday that he expects the bloc to move quickly to impose “significant” sanctions against Russia.

The European Commission has warned EU members against taking unilateral steps to block imports of Russian goods, saying it could harm the bloc’s competitiveness and damage its global image.

Hahn said on Tuesday that the EU would start a process to set up a new trading bloc in the event of a potential conflict with Russia in the Baltics, but he did not say whether that would include the U,S., Canada or Australia.

“The EU will be able later this year to set a framework for the creation of a new bloc with the intention of creating the most dynamic and flexible trading system in the world,” he told a news conference.

“It is not just about the trade, but also about the climate, the environment, and the rule of law.”