How will the trade war affect the AFL?

Posted November 01, 2018 05:07:54 A lot of people will be disappointed to see that the trade battle isn’t going to see the players get the same deal as the AFL players.

There are many who will say that it is not fair on the AFL but it is also not fair for the AFL.

For the players, it is important to have a fair deal but also be fair for all parties involved.

It is also important that the AFL and AFL Players Association are in good touch to avoid any trade wars, as it would not only be unfair but costly.

This is not a debate about who will win or lose, but about how the game can be improved.

This will be a good debate for the season ahead.

The AFL is currently the most profitable and popular sport in the world, but we know that many other sports are struggling to compete with the popularity of AFL.

The recent decision by the AFL to reduce its AFL membership is a great example of this.

With this reduction, the AFL will now only have 12,000 members, making it the second lowest-ranked professional sport in Australia.

It’s not surprising that the sport is struggling.

With a smaller membership, it will be difficult for the league to compete financially with the other major leagues in the same way as it competes with rugby union.

With only 12,500 members, the biggest factor will be if the AFL can survive the next three seasons without major cuts.

The most important part of this debate is that the players and the players union should be in good contact with each other, and this should be done in good faith and without fear of a trade war.

The players have been outspoken in their support for the union and the AFL, and with this discussion we will hopefully be able to see how the AFL is going to approach this issue.

The next few weeks are critical for both sides.

We will see how this debate unfolds, and how we will all be better for it.