How to use a fake email to buy and sell bitcoin, according to a former US diplomat

You may have heard of the ‘fake’ email scam, but what if it wasn’t the first time?

The scam, dubbed ‘shopping for bitcoins’, uses a fake Facebook account to trick customers into buying bitcoin from an account that appears to belong to a US government department.

“We’ve been working on getting this out to the general public and we’ve been getting a lot of interest, so we thought we should share,” Michael Coughlan, CEO of Crypto Group, the company behind the scam, told Business Insider in an email.

The company has been using a different email address for the scammer to reach out to customers, he said, which is how the scam was discovered.

“Once we started getting complaints, we began to investigate and realized that this was a scam and it was working,” Coughlen said.

The scam has already reached a global audience, with more than 10,000 people contacting the company through the site.

The scammer has not yet revealed the identity of the company involved, but the scamster claims to be a US Department of Defense official.

“The scammer says he’s from the Department of the Air Force, but we don’t know if he’s actually a government employee or a contractor,” Croughlan said.

“So the government is behind it.”

This is a story of a US citizen who has been duped into buying and selling bitcoin, and the US Department and the Pentagon are behind it.

We know the Department is behind this scam, and we’re going to expose it.

We want the public to know that.

“Crypto Group is working on a new scam, the CEO of a new cryptocurrency company says, and has been working with the US government to shut it down.

CryptoGroup, a cryptocurrency company, has been making headlines for its recent move to accept bitcoin payments in its own cryptocurrency.

The company was founded by a former diplomat and the CEO was a former deputy secretary of state.

Coughlan said he wants to highlight the scam by sending a message to the public that bitcoin is not just a currency, but a global currency.”

If we can show people that this is real, that this scam is working and that there’s no way we’re doing this, that people can buy and resell bitcoin, that’s going to be huge,” Caughlan said, adding that the US is the first country in the world to accept cryptocurrencies as a currency.

He added that he wants people to stop believing everything they hear from governments, saying the government has already been caught selling bitcoins to its own citizens.”

People are buying bitcoins and reselling them at high prices and then selling the same bitcoin to the government for $300 or $500,” Cughlan said.”

That’s why it’s such a big deal that we’re the first to actually accept bitcoin, not just as a commodity, but as a legitimate currency.

“The scam began on Tuesday, with a user in Germany named Matthias Schmitt selling bitcoin for €3,000.

The seller claimed to be an official from the Federal Ministry of Defense, and said that his company is the Department’s largest Bitcoin exchanger.”

This is the best place in Germany to sell to the American government,” the user wrote.”

They are actually a part of the US military and they are responsible for the security of this country.

They will protect your privacy.

“The user said he sold the bitcoins for about $300 ($320) and the seller said that he was the real buyer.”

The seller told the user that he would get back to him in two days, but didn’t reply to his message.”

I can’t tell you what they wanted to spend it for, but it was a lot.”

The seller told the user that he would get back to him in two days, but didn’t reply to his message.

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