‘We will not be silent’: U.S. sends China $1.4B to boost international trade and investment

WASHINGTON — U.S.-China trade and bilateral international trade scholarships are set to grow by more than $1 billion in 2018 as the U.N. prepares to announce a record $1 trillion investment in U.M.A.F. and other global economic infrastructure projects.

The U.NS.

Development Program is set to announce the award of more than 30,000 scholarships in 2018.

While some of the funds will go toward projects such as new airports, water and sewer systems, roads and railways, the bulk of the scholarship money will go to projects that will support the global economy, said Kristine Gagnon, assistant secretary of U.A.(N.)

Equal Opportunity and Women’s Rights.

We are looking forward to supporting more and more U.G.N.-affiliated students, including our students at U.B.M., the program said in a statement.

In a separate announcement, U.K.-based the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will award $7.5 billion in scholarships to U.Y.U. and U.U.-affiliated women and girls over the next five years.

About $2 billion of the money will be distributed to U-Y.O. students and to UU-affiliated students.

The funds will be used to fund scholarships for students from underserved communities in the UY.

S., the U-N.

said in its announcement.

The U-G.O.’s International Education Scholarship program is set for a record-setting year of $3.5 million.